Our approach to Strategic Marketing Consulting is holistic and structured to build the components of world-class marketing into your organisation.

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It’s been so good to just have the time away and go through a clear process to understand our stakeholders. I feel like it’s a watershed moment to get to this point
— Client, large B2B Construction Products Supplier


What are the current and emerging views of stakeholders in your category? The ability to identify powerful consumer insight requires: asking the right questions; utilising the right tools and most importantly, possessing the gift of being able to get inside the skin of the consumer and other stakeholders - suppliers, shareholders and community.

We understand how people work and how corporations work. We help to unlock the power in market research to identify powerful insights that lead to game-changing strategy development.




The quantity of data available to marketers continues to grow at an amazing rate. Data can provide insight, track performance and help in forecasting - but often we can get so bogged down by the sheer quantity and detail of the data that gaining real answers and pinpointing relevant insights can be a lengthy process in an environment that requires answers yesterday.

Circ can support you with some of the 'heavy lifting' of data analysis and translate that data into strategically useful information that supports your strategy development and ongoing performance measurement.


"There is a magic in graphs. The profile of a curve reveals in a flash a whole situation — the life history of an epidemic, a panic, or an era of prosperity. The curve informs the mind, awakens the imagination, convinces."

Henry D. Hubbard, 1939



Strategy development

Our approach to strategy development centres the process on stakeholder engagement - not just at the beginning, or at the end - but throughout the whole process. Our goal is for our clients to have wins within their business so we work with them to make that happen. We want our clients to feel energised and driven by working with us. To feel confident in driving initiatives through the business because our process has used deep thinking, great tools and persistent problem-solving to identify the best strategies.

Strategy development in the current business environment can often be relegated to filling out templates and working on any answer rather than the best answer. Working with us creates the space, the focus and the persistence to get the best answer in an energised and productive environment.




We understand what it takes to make a strategy real and we work with our clients to transform strategies from ideas on butcher's paper (or in play-doh or in a painting) to real action. Preparing a business case, influencing stakeholders and coaching management behaviours are all part of our remit when we work on strategy development projects.

We enjoy the long term relationships we have developed with our clients and the mutual understanding that results. This leads to more effective strategy development and assists in the implementation process.

The support in execution has been really useful. It has saved me so much time at the start of my presentations - I’m giving a consistent message to all the different teams
— National Member-based organisation in the agricultural sector

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