Developing Capability

Our goal is to maximise the capabilities of Marketing practitioners
so they can build sustainable value for their organisations through marketing leadership.

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Skills for marketing leadership in an organisation are divided in to 3 different areas and our suite of capability development programs have been developed to deliver individual and collective learning. All of our programs can be delivered on-site or off-site and incorporate a range of learning methods including theory and the latest thinking, case-study, applied learning and application of tools.

Each module is developed to be modified for participants so the content and approach connects with existing processes and thinking within your business. 

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Transformational Attributes

Senior Marketing Managers are charged with leadership responsibilities that lead to transformational outcomes for an organisation.

To build maximum efficiency, Senior Marketing Managers are continually challenged to build maximum efficiency in their marketing teams. Our suite of programs are crafted to develop those skills that can lead to marketing excellence in an organisation:


  • Insight development

  • Leading Creative and Productive Teams

  • Change Management

A recent creativity workshop introduced participants to some of the theory around working creatively and to some of the specific tools and methods of working that can build creative solutions within the organisation. The afternoon was devoted to applying those tools and techniques to a particular issue for the organisation.

The benefits were threefold: a good team-building day; the learning of new techniques that can be applied across the organisation; and a suite of potential solutions for the relevant team.

Planning Skills

In our work with marketing teams across many organisations it is evident that professional development and skill levels vary among individuals and organisations. The ability to utilise sophisticated planning tools, think analytically and manage initiatives effectively are all part of a marketer's role and responsibilities. In our Planning Skills Modules we incorporate the best models, the latest thinking and case studies to develop skills in these fundamental areas.

These are team activities with the benefit of building team, developing consistent thinking and process and the modules incorporate tools for translating these skills and processes back in to the work environment.

Our Modules include:

  1. Brand Planning

  2. Category Planning

  3. Analysis

  4. Commercial Acumen

  5. Project Management

The practical work on our brand was great - a good way to practice working in teams and some great discussion around the brand. Overall, really enjoyed the day and getting everyone together - great for team bonding and collaborating with people we don’t get to see often! Looking forward to the next session!
— Client, large FMCG Manufacturer

Technical Knowledge

Working in marketing is to experience a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment. New tools, techniques and technologies make day-to-day working a constant learning experience. We work with our partners and your suppliers in each area of expertise to bring you training modules with the latest thinking and tools in these areas:

  • Social Media

  • Digital Tools

  • Public Relations

  • Legal

  • Market Research

  • Advertising Process

  • Product Development

  • Packaging Development

  • Pricing

  • Sales Forecasting

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Case Study

Our client, the Australian business of a large FMCG, was experiencing difficulty in understanding the legal requirements around Marketing to Children. The various codes (AFGC and AANA and their own internal global code) were complex and differed in structure and level of regulation. Internally, changes in personnel also had resulted in a loss of knowledge in this area.

By working through all the codes, we created a "Marketing to Children" manual for brand managers and agency partners which included a process to determine if marketing activities were compliant with the codes and clearly outlined the business risk associated with certain marketing activities. The program also included interactive training sessions, including case study analysis, that ensured understanding by the team and total clarity about accountability.

The program was extremely well received by our client and has been successful in changing behaviour. As changes continue to occur in this area both internally and externally, this program continues with our client.