The most productive people know who to ignore | HBR

We have been looking a lot lately at 'how' we manage the work of marketing rather than the 'what' of marketing through our work with the clever little book by a clever man who won a little olympic gold medal - Ben Hunt-Davis's "Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?"

Love this article thanks to HBR...they cleverly break down productivity and prioritisation.

"The key is recognizing that prioritization is necessary but insufficient. The critical next step is triage. Medical staff in a crisis must decide who requires immediate assistance, who can wait, who doesn’t need help at all, and who’s past saving. Triage for the rest of us entails not just focusing on the items that are most important and deferring those that are less important until “later,” but actively ignoring the vast number of items whose importance falls below a certain threshold."

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