Mindfulness for people who are too busy to Meditate

In a recent workshop with a large marketing team - the discussion kept coming back to focus - especially in meetings. It has become common practice for people to bring their laptops or other devices to meetings - not as a support to the meeting, but to do other work. Even without the distraction of a laptop - it can be a challenge to focus on a meeting when you have had three back to back and emails clogging your inbox.

Maria Gonzalez from HBR writes, "Mindfulness has become almost a buzz-word. But what is it, really? Mindfulness is, quite simply, the skill of being present and aware, moment by moment, regardless of circumstances....mindfulness can reprogram the brain to be more rational and less emotional. When faced with a decision, meditators showed increased activity in the posterior insula of the brain, which has been linked to rational decision making."

Maria offers some tips for busy people on mindfulness...why would you do it?..."First, your ability to concentrate increases. Second, you see things with increasing clarity, which improves your judgment. And third, you develop equanimity. Equanimity enables you to reduce your physiological and emotional stress and enhances the chances that you may find a creative solution."

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Image courtesy mindfulnet.org