The Overwhelmed Employee

Yes, what you have always known is now official!

Information overload and the always connected 24/7 work environment are overwhelming workers, undermining productivity and contributing to low employee engagement
— Deloitte’s annual Global Human Capital Trends 2014 survey

We see this every time we meet with a client - everyone is too busy, back-to-back meetings, full inboxes and little time for the stuff WE love - strategy. As they point out in this research...the busier we are the less creative we become - such a vital ingredient in so many roles, but indispensible in marketing.

Try not to let this news overwhelm you...what is particularly interesting and a learning opportunity is how we got here and the actions that some companies are taking now to address these issues.

Read on...and if you don't have time...listen to the podcast with the ABC's 'Life Matters' Program on RN