A good news story!

Some great news from Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? in the UK, demonstrating how effective the program can be for galvanising the troops!

Ben Hunt-Davis writes: "One of our clients for whom the news just keeps getting better and better is Jane Gorick at LPR UK. It's probably fair to say you've not heard of her business, but the chances are that you will eat or drink something today that has been delivered to the shop you bought it from by La Palette Rouge (LPR UK).
In the Spring we worked with Jane and her leadership team to establish a way of getting the whole company behind their Crazy goal - to double the turnover of the UK business to £50 million by 2018.
Excitingly, in the last few months they have made huge strides towards their business goals - winning a multi-million pound contract that puts them well on the way to their Crazy goal. Jane attributes the sea-change in culture which has allowed them to do that, in no small part, to the Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? Principles that they now live and breathe throughout the business."