We live for Marketing...

...sharper insights, stronger propositions, better execution.

Circ Consulting

Circ Consulting is a marketing and strategy consultancy, established in 2007. Our vision is a world in which marketing excellence creates sustainable value for all stakeholders. We work with great businesses, using the highest expertise and the best tools to facilitate effective marketing outcomes. Our approach is always collaborative and with a spirit of perseverance. All of our consultants have worked as marketing practitioners – we get the environment, the stresses and the expectations that come with being a marketer.


Our approach to Strategic Marketing Consulting is holistic and structured to build the components of world-class marketing into your organisation, whether marketing to the consumer or business. Strategy development in the current business environment can often be relegated to filling out templates and working on any answer rather than the best answer. Working with us creates the space, the focus and the persistence to get the best answer in an energised and productive environment.

Our Services

We believe that marketing is all about getting inside the skin of the consumer or customer, using that knowledge to develop a compelling proposition and creating plans that activate engaging and consistent communications. Our services include:

Marketing Strategy

When working with a marketing team, our goal is to provide the "fresh legs" to work on a business case - the specific skills and the extra capacity. Our approach is always collaborative and with a spirit of perseverance. We facilitate the depth of thinking required that results in great strategy and individual growth.

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Developing Capability

We have a passion for developing people. So our marketing capability development programs are designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders. Each training experience is engineered with the dual goals of developing skills and knowledge and  working on existing business issues within a workshop environment.

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Research and Insight

The ability to identify powerful consumer insights requires asking the right questions, utilising the right tools and, most importantly, possessing the gift of being able to get inside the skin of the consumer. You know your consumer best but our approach to insight can help to see them in a new light.

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"If Australia is to succeed in the global marketplace, we need to GET marketing. We are not the lowest cost producer in our region and we can only add value to our brands, our companies and our country by creating sustainable value through marketing excellence.

What we regularly see is that continuous cost cutting has eaten into the 'muscle meat' of marketing and that senior marketers no longer have time to coach junior managers who are increasingly project managers.

Our vision is a world in which companies nurture the capability of their marketing teams. Where the resulting professional excellence creates sustainable value for all stakeholders and drives profitable growth for the organisation."

Chris Bulford, Managing Director, Circ Consulting.